William C. Fucik

Serious education in art and design began for Bill with his study of Landscape Architecture at the University of Wisconsin, B.S. degree in 1953.  He was introduced to watercolor paingtng, India ink rendering and took a few art classes. He received his masters degress in City and Regional Planning at the University of California in 1958. Bill did PhD study at the University of Copenhagen and the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, in Denmark, analyzing residential and architectural design.

It was not until the mid 1970’s when life-changing incidents propelled me into self teaching of oil and acrylic painting. Subsequently, I took art classes at the Evanston, Illinois Art Center and the Chicago Art Institute. My interest in science, especially astronomy, moved me to paint imaginary scenes of outer space. Sketching and painting seascapes, ships and marine life arose from many ocean sailing adventures. Wood carving, metal sculpture and aviation art have been in my past.

Painting and sketching are a glorious form of human expression. They offer the challenge of apprehending the spirit and romance of the mind and then forming it onto two or three dimensional reality for others to enjoy. Art also stimulates the need for presentation of those human emotions brought about by the environmental experiences of daily life. Artistic creativity is within the purview of everyone willing to venture upon its challenge.

Bill Fucik