Virginia Strong

Virginia Strong with artwork 1Virginia Strong specializes in expressive line drawings of people in general, in ink, watercolor and acrylic paintings.

I’m primarily self-taught, spending only a semester at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in the 60’s, before impatiently leaving to paint on my own.  Big mistake.  I painted in oils, very quickly, always people with thoughtful expressions, from my imagination.  Very isolated and lonely.  So I joined the army and lived in France a couple of years, drawing & painting in my spare time and wandering around Paris & Orleans on my days off.

Then I married, left the army, had two fine sons (one, an artist at I later got a degree in Commercial art & worked for small newspapers, turning to factory work which paid better.  I still drew and tried Plein Air, but landcapes were tedious for me.

I took art classes at the Donna Lexa Art Center in Waukesha, Wisconsin and learned new techniques and processes.  But mostly I needed the structure and encouragement they gave.  And people bought my things!

So now that I’ve retired and am here “up north”, I’m glad I found the Fine Arts Center and Gallery at MSC in Ladysmith.  I’m experimenting with ways to translate my line drawings into acrylic paintings, and also use better paper for my ink drawings.