Sue Farrell

I started my quilt making journey in a start-stop fashion back in the mid 1980s.  Typical of me, I thought it would be nice to have a handmade quilt on my daughter’s bed for her graduation party.  That would be close to when she would be moving into a dorm and the quilt would stay in pristine condition.  I was silly enough to think that hand quilting would give me the satisfaction that our pioneer women obtained.  I was also foolish enough to carry this notion on when my son was about to graduate.  Slow learner I was.
In reality, I turned to a woman that I came to dearly love and greatly respect. That woman was Betty Silvernale. She gave me guidance and encouragement along the way. In turn, I gave her many good laughs over my quilting struggles. She was such an inspiration. She must have seen some promise in me as she stopped at my desk shortly before she passed away and gave me all of her quilting stencils. I have so proudly kept them and used them with the love she did.

Sue Farrel with hand made quilt

Fast forward to today.  “I have learned many quilting concepts. One thing I learned is that I am not a hand quilter.  Betty would smile at my realization of this.  Probably the most important concept I learned is that quilts are for loving.  Never do I make a quilt today that is to be admired from afar.  All of my quilts are to be used and loved.  Wash, dry and love them some more.  I still try to challenge myself with each project I construct. Betty would be happy to know that quilting is as much of a passion for me that it was for her.

Susan’s work is not for sale.