Jeanne T. (Terry) Dukerschein

Terry lives in Glen Flora. her artistic medium is usually wool, much of it grown on their own farm from a flock of Shetland Sheep. Terry combines different wools and fibers with different techniques, including wet feltin needle felting, knitting, crocheting and some simple weaving.

“I spin and dye many of the yarns myself on one of my 2 spinning wheels. Above all I believe in and use methods, materials and techniques that honor and preserve the beauty of the natural environment and the plants and animals that my husband Russ and I nurture on our 80 acre hobby farm. The natural dyes I often make and use on our wool, wild, gathered and grown in our garden. Sometimes I use commercial dyes if I can’t do so in non-toxic ways. I  dabble watercolor painting where I learned much about creating colors and shading effects. I also enjoy writing poetry which helps me with the more a abstract side of creating art.”

Terry demonstrates working with wool one day a month at the gallery.