Jason Gillis

Flambeau Pottery Works was born from love so each and every piece of pottery we make is unique, says owner Jason Gillis.

Having to take an art credit in college I chose ceramics and really fell in love with the medium, but never really thought I could make a business of it until a year or so ago. We’re in the very early stages of development taking time to perfect our processes while exploring different ways to carve our niche in the north woods of Wisconsin.

Flambeau Pottery Works started by building a large wood fired kiln. Much effort was put into just filling up my new kiln with an assortment of non-tested pieces, just to see what would work. Having learned from those first few firings, and having some good success, we now shifted to taking our time and filling the kilns with hundreds of some really nice pottery that took hours to hand make.

Probably the biggest lesson learned through the start-up was that I needed to spend the majority of my time throwing pots, cups, bowls, plates, vases and planters if this was ever going to work. Stopping to enter the glazing stage and then the firing took me away from the essential part of the business of making pots. Starting the way I did also gave me the opportunity and time to experiment with many different glazes. At the moment we are in the production process and will glaze fire this spring. Hope you keep your eyes up our way and see what spring has in store for you, from me.

Jason’s pottery is also for sale at Fine Arts Center & Gallery, 105 W. Miner Avenue, in Ladysmith, WI.

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