Kitty Mitchel

I am a simple farm girl, who grew up loving nature, gardening, and dairy farming. I have four wonderful children, nine awesome grandchildren, and a wonderful husband who encourages me to be all I can be. I love creating and designing my jewelry. I am very earthy and love natural stones and gemstones and I incorporate them into many of my designs. I want to explore new techniques and develop new styles. I am so thankful to my heavenly Father for giving me this talent and ability to share these … [Read more...]

Shawn Payne

Shawn was born and raised in Orange County , California. He started his photography career in 1977. He initially began photographing weddings, but found that his true passion is wildlife photography. His passion has taken him all over the world. Places like North and South Africa, New Zealand, South Korea, Hawaii, and Costa Rica, to name a few. In early 2010 he moved to Rice Lake, Wisconsin. Shawn has won many awards in open exhibitions. He has been the feature photographer in the Rice Lake … [Read more...]

Jason Gillis

Flambeau Pottery Works was born from love so each and every piece of pottery we make is unique, says owner Jason Gillis. Having to take an art credit in college I chose ceramics and really fell in love with the medium, but never really thought I could make a business of it until a year or so ago. We're in the very early stages of development taking time to perfect our processes while exploring different ways to carve our niche in the north woods of Wisconsin. Flambeau Pottery Works started … [Read more...]

Jo Martin

  Jo took art classes at Toledo Art Museum as a teenager, but later entered the Army Cadet Nursing Program. World War II ended before graduation and wishing to see the world and sketch it she took a job on the Golfo Dulce in Costa Rica and later with the Special Services, attached to the Air Force in post War Germany.  Later fortune took her to Japan with chances to sketch along the way in India and other ports of call, where she was usually followed by a curious procession of potential … [Read more...]

Tommy Thomsen

Tommy works as an artist for Artisans in Glen Flora. As a painter he brings nature to life in all his work. He has designed the FAC logo/banner with the water lily.   He has had his works in the Fine Arts Center & Gallery since it opened in 2008. You can view more of his original paintings at             My choices as an artist have always been influenced by my fascination with nature and the natural world. While I … [Read more...]

Janelle Thompson

Janelle Thompson is a visual artist, detail oriented, interested in portraying the unique character of her subjects.  Janelle designs detailed, imaginative portraits of landscapes, wildlife and structures.  Janelle sees the extraordinary in the ordinary.     She is s an illustrator of picture books celebrating the wonder of young children such as “TOADS” & “LITTLE SPOUTS”. She is known for her wildlife watercolors and works our of her studio MadCat, 900 E. Sabin Ave. in … [Read more...]

JoAnne Jensen

JoAnne says she finds unlimited inspiration in the woods and fields near her home in west central Wisconsin. In addition to painting, most often watercolor, JoAnne enjoys photography and calligraphy. She enjoys the process in drawing and painting. She has won awards for her work and takes commissions as well exhibits in many shows and now the Fine Arts Center Gallery. Visit JoAnne at her studio in Radisson or on the web at as … [Read more...]

Ori-Anne Pagel

Printmaker, and quilter…I like lots of texture in fabric and other media. I often think in different media…I will make a quilt (or see fabric) and want to see how I could create the same feeling in a wood cut or visa versa. I like to work large and use thick paint too. Or-Anne has B.S. in Broadfield Art Edu. (Northland College) and M.F.A in Edu. from UW-Superior.  She taught k-12 art for 10 years in southern Wisconsin, owned and operated an Antique & Art Gallery for 18 years, served as … [Read more...]

Judith Markgren

Judy majored in art, graduating from UW-Stout in Art Education. She lives in Rice Lake and taught in the Cameron schools for 4 ½ years before health issues caused her to retire from teaching. She turned to art and gardening for therapy and continues to find wellness in these activities. We are happy to have her work in the FAC Galley and teach a class for us now and then.     … [Read more...]

Chris Locke

Chris is a young visual artists who has many of his works on display in Eau Clair, Wisconsin. He lives in Bruce and his paintings are on display and for sale at the Fine Arts Center & Gallery here in Ladysmith. Chris’ work is bold and colorful, based on nature. Painting with a surrealistic twist. I am inspired by many different aspects in life from movies to nature. I add my own surreal twist in the spirit of my favorite classic artists including Vincent Van Gogh and Salvador … [Read more...]

Sue Farrell

I started my quilt making journey in a start-stop fashion back in the mid 1980s.  Typical of me, I thought it would be nice to have a handmade quilt on my daughter's bed for her graduation party.  That would be close to when she would be moving into a dorm and the quilt would stay in pristine condition.  I was silly enough to think that hand quilting would give me the satisfaction that our pioneer women obtained.  I was also foolish enough to carry this notion on when my son was about to … [Read more...]

William C. Fucik

Serious education in art and design began for Bill with his study of Landscape Architecture at the University of Wisconsin, B.S. degree in 1953.  He was introduced to watercolor paingtng, India ink rendering and took a few art classes. He received his masters degress in City and Regional Planning at the University of California in 1958. Bill did PhD study at the University of Copenhagen and the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, in Denmark, analyzing residential and architectural design. It was not … [Read more...]

Jeanne T. (Terry) Dukerschein

Terry lives in Glen Flora. her artistic medium is usually wool, much of it grown on their own farm from a flock of Shetland Sheep. Terry combines different wools and fibers with different techniques, including wet feltin needle felting, knitting, crocheting and some simple weaving. “I spin and dye many of the yarns myself on one of my 2 spinning wheels. Above all I believe in and use methods, materials and techniques that honor and preserve the beauty of the natural environment and the plants … [Read more...]

Ed Cress

Ed does not remember when he picked up his pencil the first time. He grew up drawing from nature and other subjects around him that would stand still long enough for him to draw them. As a teen he was getting into other mediums. Ed went to Colorado Institute of Art, in Denver CO to learn Graphic Design. He has had his artwork in multiple shows and galleries there. Ed now has his studio in Ladysmith, WI where he works in multiple mediums and genres, always versatile, he … [Read more...]

Chuck Mogenson

Chuck began painting in oils as a teenager while attending Ladysmith High School. After high school, he studied at the University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire where he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in art. He then went to work as a graphic artist in Milwaukee for five years. Later he took a position with the Department of the Navy in Pensacola, Florida as a scientific illustrator. He eventually returned to Wisconsin and Ladysmith where he now resides. "In all my work, I am inspired by nature … [Read more...]

Virginia Strong

Virginia Strong specializes in expressive line drawings of people in general, in ink, watercolor and acrylic paintings. I'm primarily self-taught, spending only a semester at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in the 60's, before impatiently leaving to paint on my own.  Big mistake.  I painted in oils, very quickly, always people with thoughtful expressions, from my imagination.  Very isolated and lonely.  So I joined the army and lived in France a couple of years, drawing & … [Read more...]

Betty Morris

Elizabeth Morris ( Betty ) retired as a draftsman in 1966, taught herself to paint by reading books and copying "old masters". She began to teach & do decorative paintings on country furniture that was sold on the East coast. In 1993 she moved to Ladysmith redoing her house into an "Enchanted Cottage" and teaching community Classes. … [Read more...]

Mona Kochendorfer

Art became important in Mona’s life before she entered kindergarten; she has fond memories of her father teaching her to make simple drawings of animals, people, and flowers. Although there was no formal art instruction in school, teachers encouraged Mona’s love of art by entering her work in contests and exhibitions. A kind neighbor introduced her to Norwegian Rosemaling when she was a teenager; this was the beginning of her journey in the world of ethnic painting. She completed undergraduate … [Read more...]

Julie Y. Brockbank

Art has always been a highlight in my life. I can recall painting with my first set of acrylics in the third grade. As a self-taught artist, I work in oils and do pencil sketches. My mother painted in oils and it became a natural medium for me to use. Oils have the rich texture, earthy colors, and blending ability that I prefer to work with. Besides canvas I paint on many different surfaces, including rocks, glass, walls, wood pieces, antlers and tree fungus that I gather along my woodsy … [Read more...]

Phillip J. Ruege

Phil Ruege is a professional photographer specializing in portraiture, nature, wildlife and Western scenes. He began at a young age by developing negatives, going on to study photo-journalism at Bismarck (ND) State College and at the New York Institute of Photography. Phil has done freelance photography for ad agencies and newspapers, and has won several awards for his work. He had one of his photos on the front cover of “North Dakota Horizon Magazine” (1987), and won two awards in the South … [Read more...]

Ruth Meszaros

Unique Eggs by Ruth are real eggshells – chicken, duck, goose or ostrich eggs– that have been blown out, cleansed, sometimes dyed or painted with acrylics, and decorated with freehand designs in India ink, paint markers, gel pens, paints, or thread. Each egg is given five coats of clear varnish-like spray to preserve the design and strengthen the whole creation. The eggs can then be used as Christmas ornaments, Easter decorations or home decor.   … [Read more...]